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DOT Physicals in New Richmond WI

drivers standing by their trucksIf you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you are required to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical at least every two years. This physical is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and helps them determine if a driver is physically and mentally fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

At Willow River Chiropractic, Dr. Tanner Tryggestad is a Certified DOT Physical Examiner, and we can handle all the paperwork for you so you can keep your license current.

What to Expect

For your physical, you’ll need to bring your driver’s license, along with any glasses or hearing aids that you wear for driving. You may also bring a medical release opinion letter from your primary care doctor or a specialist if you are being treated for a medical condition, or a recent illness, injury or surgery.

Dr. Tanner will talk with you about your health history and conduct a physical examination to determine if there are any medical conditions that could potentially disqualify you from obtaining or renewing your CDL. The exam will consist of a vision evaluation, hearing test, blood pressure check, physical assessment and urinalysis. The urinalysis is used to check for underlying health conditions such as diabetes; it is not a drug test. However, some employers may also require a drug test as a condition of employment.

Upon completion of the exam, we can electronically submit your results to the National DOT Registry if you choose. We’ll provide you with copies of your DOT Medical Exam Report and DOT Medical card.


DOT physicals are $75. It’s an additional $5 if we submit the paperwork on your behalf.

Schedule Your Exam Today

Since commercial drivers are considered “safety-sensitive” employees, these physicals are required to help ensure your safety and the safety of the public. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are applying for or renewing a commercial driver’s license, contact us today to schedule your DOT physical.


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